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How Do I Care for my Sterling Silver Jewellery?

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Sterling silver is an alloy made up of 92.5 percent silver with the remaining 7.5 percent comprised largely of copper. As pure silver is too soft and malleable, using an alloy ensures silversmiths can create beautiful and more durable jewellery, perfect for everyday wear.


Sterling silver jewellery can last a lifetime but needs to be looked after if is to maintain that beautiful shine.

However, alloy components such as copper can often cause silver to tarnish, leaving it dull or with unsightly black marks.

Silver cleaning cloths are the best way to buff up a piece of jewellery that has light tarnishing, bringing back the sheen and making it sparkle once again.

For silver that has heavier marks, it’s best to use special silver cleaning liquids that are widely available online.

To keep your silver as shiny as possible, try simple tricks such as putting little sachets of silica gel in your jewellery box to absorb the moisture that contributes to tarnishing.

It´s also best to avoid exposing your silver to everyday chemicals such as those in swimming pool water or household cleaners.

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