Six Foolproof Tips to Buy Valentine’s Jewellery Women Really Want


Buying jewellery for women on Valentine’s Day can be a minefield. Here’s six foolproof tips to help you make it through.


Love it or loathe it, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and god help any attached male who doesn’t rustle up the perfect present.

Cliched as it may be, it really is the thought that counts when it comes to Valentine’s gifts.

If her first thought when she unwraps your present is that you’re way off the mark and simply don’t know her at all, you might be better off keeping your cash and taking your chances instead.

Take a deep breath before you start Valentine’s shopping, and think about the thought you want to convey.

Over-priced roses that’ll be dead within a week might not send the right message about the future of your relationship. She might deem lingerie an indulgent gift for yourself, and you can’t fool anyone that much thought goes into picking up a heart-shaped box of chocs.

Give her the right piece of jewellery, however, and hopefully you’ll be giving her something to keep forever and think of you - without clenching her teeth – each time she wears it.

Find your way through the Valentine's minefield with these six simple steps.


Make a safe bet and base your purchase on what you know she already wears and loves. Most people have a preference, whether for sterling silver or gold, dramatic statement pieces, simple hoop earrings or discreet pendants, so be observant. Rummage through her jewellery box if you get a chance for style inspiration. Or better still, shamelessly milk her best friends for ideas, they’ll be more than willing to help avoid disappointment on the day.


Buy online, that way you won’t waste depressing hours trawling high street chains, or risk being bludgeoned by shop assistants into spending more than you planned on uninspiring jewellery. Browse reputable online jewellery boutiques, scour for distinctive designs and take your time.


Valentine’s Day might all be about love and romance, but don’t overdo the symbolism. A sleek silver heart pendant or bracelet with a discreet heart charm may be perfect for someone who likes feminine jewellery. But scour for a dramatic statement necklace or large silver cuff bracelet if that’s more her style.


If you suspect your long-term girlfriend is hoping you might finally pop the question, avoid rings at all cost unless they’re the diamond variety. Rings are best for the married or betrothed, a new girlfriend will run for the hills if you pull out a ring box on Valentine’s Day.


Men think they’re the ones choosing the gifts, but more often than not, they’ve already been steered in the right direction by the women they’re buying for. Keep your eyes open for a magazine carelessly left open on a certain page, pay attention to what she’s browsing online or note whether she covets a friend’s jewellery.


Buy from an online store with free returns. That way, if your best efforts were still way off the mark, she can always send it back and pick the perfect gift herself.

Good luck! 

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