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Six Foolproof Tips to Buy Valentine’s Jewellery Women Really Want

Many men think choosing the perfect jewellery is a minefield, and they’re right, it definitely is. But find your way through it with these six simple steps and you’ll discover it’s not as daunting as you think.

Zacatecas silversmith making Amano's Grace sterling silver linked bracelet

Discovering the beating silver heart of Mexico's Zacatecas

Famed for its ‘heart of silver’, the beautiful pink stone colonial city of Zacatecas made its fortune from the mines deep below the surrounding windswept plains, and silver still pulses through its veins.

While the thriving city no longer depends on the silver industry, a small number of silversmiths such as Tomas Mariscal are still using locally mined metal to create high-quality, unique pieces of sterling silver jewellery using traditional techniques.