Pick the Perfect Silver Chain for Your Pendant

pick the perfect silver chain amano designs

Tangled up in chains over how to hang your gorgeous sterling silver pendant?

There's no one size or style fits all when it comes to jewellery. Choosing the right silver chain to ensure your pendant looks striking depends on the image you're looking for along with your body shape.

Choosing the right length

Dainty, feminine pendants are often best on short, fine chains, and can look lost on long, heavy ones. Large, statement pendants, on the other hand, work well on heavier chains and at longer lengths such as 70 cm (28 inches).

At Amano, we've picked the chains we think would best with our pendants, but we think our customers should choose the length that suits them rather than be limited to one set size. 


silver chain size guide |amano designs uk

Choosing the best-selling 45 cm chain is always a safe-bet for an average sized woman who might wear say,12-14 size clothes. This length chain generally sits about mid-way down the breast-bone. 

All shapes and sizes

For petite women, the 40 cm length works well for smaller pendants and sits just below the base of the neck, as shown in the image below.

Casada fine link chain with sterling silver pluma pendant| Amano Designs UK

When you are buying for yourself, it's always worthwhile using a flat tape measure to workout your neck size and allow at least 4 or 5 cm extra when calculating the shortest suitable chain. And crucially, don't forget to take bust size into the equation. A 45 cm or 50 cm chain tends to sit just above the cleavage and accentuates the bust, where 50-60 cm chains tend to rest on the bust.

Pendants on longer chains can be flattering for women with smaller bust size.

Pick one short, one mid-length and one long chain if you're going for layers, and consider mixing your chain styles too. Always take the pendant size into consideration as putting the biggest, heaviest pendant at the bottom usually works well. 

Silver styling

Classics never go out of style, and a good quality chain will last a lifetime. Make sure to pick the right design that works best with your favourite pendant styles, and you'll get thousands of days wear out of it. 

Needless to say, there's no set rules, but generally bold pendants work well on our heavy chains such as the Bolita, made up of dozens of linked silver beads, the Rolo open linked chains or tightly knitted Snake chains. 

Lighter or smaller pendants might work best on finer chains such as our Casada style.

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